International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

BGS 478, Laxatum-g, lax-g

BGN  47:140
Stock number: BGS 478
Locus name: Laxatum-g
Locus symbol: lax-g

Previous nomenclature and gene symbolization:

Laxatum-25 = lax-25 (3, 4).


Monofactorial incomplete dominant (5).
Location is unknown.


Rachis internodes of lax-g.25 were about 8% longer than those of Bonus; and mutant plants exhibited tip sterility and reduced tiller numbers (4).
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Origin of mutant:

An X-ray induced mutant in Bonus (NGB 14657, PI 189763) (4, 6).

Mutational events:

lax-g.25 (NGB 116360), -g.59 (NGB 116393), in Bonus (NGB 14657, PI 189763) (1, 2, 5, 6, 7).

Mutant used for description and seed stocks:

lax-g.25 (NGB 116360) in Bonus.


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