International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

BGS 188, Aluminum tolerance, Alp1

BGN  47:98
Stock number: BGS 188
Locus name: Aluminum tolerance
Locus symbol: Alp1

Previous nomenclature and gene symbolization:

Aluminum tolerance (4, 17).
Aluminum tolerance = Alp (15).
pH tolerance = Pht (18).
Aluminum tolerance = Alt (14).
Hordeum vulgare Al-activated citrate transporter 1 = HvAACT1 (7).


Incomplete dominant with inheritance pattern dependent on Al concentration (15, 16).
Location in chromosome 4HL (13, 18); Alp1.a is about 25 cM from the Kap1 (Hooded awn 1) locus (18); Alp1.a is 2.1 cM proximal to the marker Xbcd1117 and 2.1 cM distal to the markers Xwg464 and Xcdo1395 (19); the Alp1 locus is flanked by SSR markers Bmag353 and HVM68 (21); Alp1.a is flanked by microsatellite markers Bmac310 and Bmag353 (9); the 4H QTL for Al-tolerance is 0.8 cM from DArT marker bPb-6949 (3).


Better performance in acid or aluminum-toxic soils was observed among spring (10, 11, 17) and winter (4, 15, 16) barley cultivars. An association between root and shoot yields in greenhouse studies and grain yield in field studies was reported (16). Recommended screening conditions in nutrient solutions with 4 ppm aluminum (Al) and adjusted twice daily to pH 4.8 (5, 15). Retarded root elongation was observed in 4 to 5 days with roots thickened and more branched. Al-tolerant cultivars tended to raise the pH while the opposite tend was reported for Al-sensitive cultivars (5). Aluminum sensitivity of cultivars was determined by staining seedling roots after aluminum treatment with a hematoxylin staining solution (12). An Al-tolerant cultivar secreted citrate from the roots in response to Al treatment (9, 22) The differential acid soil response caused by alleles at the Alp1 locus was associated with the HvAACT1 (Hordeum vulgare Al-activated citrate transporter 1) gene (7; 21). Increased expression of the HvAACT1 gene in East Asian cultivars was associated with the presence of a 1023-bp transposable-element like insertion in the 5’ untranslated region (6).
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Origin of mutant

Natural occurrence in Dayton (PI 539129) from Composite Cross X (CIho 6625) (4, 15) and in Charlottetown 80 (CIho 2732) (10, 11).

Mutational events

Alp1.a in Dayton (PI 539129) (15); Alp1.a in Murasakimochi (6, 9); Alp1.a in Svanhals (NGB 1482, PI 5474) (2); Alp1.a in Honen (PI 307495) (21); Al-tolerance is present in Tibetan wild barley at the Alp1 locus (3); Alp1.a in Cevada BR2 (1); a new allele (Alp1.c) at the Alp1 locus was identified in Chinese barley CXHKSL (8).

Mutant used for description and seed stocks:

Alp1.a in Dayton; Alp1.a in Svanhals; Alp1.a in Murasakimochi; Alp1.c in CXHKSL.


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