International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

BGS 357, Male sterile genetic 1, msg1

BGN  45:126
Stock number: BGS 357
Locus name: Male sterile genetic 1
Locus symbol: msg1

Previous nomenclature and gene symbolization:

Male sterile = ms (14).
Male sterile 1 = ms1 (5).


Monofactorial recessive (16).
Located in chromosome 1HL (13); is near the centromere (8); is about 10.0 cM proximal from the nec1 (necrotic leaf spot 1) locus (11, 14); probably proximal from the small lateral spikelet 1 (sls1) gene which also originated from MSS005 (2); is associated with SNP markers 1_0933 to 1_0324 (positions 82.35 to 87.19 cM) in 1HL bin 08 of a heterozygous plant from the Bowman backcross-derived line BW545 (1), in 1H bin 08.


Selfing - none (7).
Outcrossing - complete female fertility (7).
Stamens - anthers smaller than fertile sib, no stromium or filament elongation (15).
Pollen - microspores degenerate at or before the free microspore stage (12); non-staining, shrunken, and devoid of cytoplasm (15).
Cytology - normal development and differentiation of anthers until completion of meiosis (12). SNP markers in the plant studied as of Bowman backcross-derived line BW545 were identical to those of Bowman (1).
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Origin of mutant:

A spontaneous mutant in the Composite Cross line CIho 5368 (16).

Mutational events: (GSHO 1810) from CIho 5368 in Betzes (PI 129430)*11 (MSS005) (12, 16); msg1.i (MSS077) in 80TT25 (CIho 13638), msg1.t (MSS042) in Trophy (CIho 10647), (MSS100) in Betzes (PI 129430) (9, 10); (MSS310) in Glossy Brachytic (CIho 15246), msg1.bp (MSS330) in Betzes (3, 10); (MSS348) in Betzes (4, 10); (MSS429) in Maris Mink (5); msg1.jv (MSS527) in a Harrington outcross (6).

Mutant used for description and seed stocks: (GSHO 1810) in Betzes*11; in Bowman (PI 483237)*8 (GSHO 2042, BW545, NGB 24128).


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