International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

BGS 657, Brachytic 15, brh15

BGN  44:205
Stock number: BGS 657
Locus name: Brachytic 15
Locus symbol: brh15

Previous nomenclature and gene symbolization:

Brachytic-u = brh.u (4).


Monofactorial recessive (3, 4).
Located in chromosomes 2H most likely (1); brh15.u is associated with SNP markers 1_0876 to 2_0182 (positions 161.10 to 185.33 cM) in 2H bins 11 to 12 and with small groups of SNP markers in other chromosomes of Bowman backcross-derived line BW086 (1).


Plants have numerous tillers with small leaves, spikes, and kernels. Prior to heading plants appear to be grassy culms similar to those produced by the sld2 (slender dwarf 2) and sld4 (slender dwarf 4) mutants, but heading is not drastically delayed. Compared to Bowman, culms and peduncles of Bowman backcross-derived line for brh15.u, BW086, were about 1/2 normal length. Awns and rachis internodes were slightly shorter than those of normal sibs. Leaf blades were narrow and about 1/2 normal length. Mutant plants headed 2 to 3 days later than Bowman. Spikes of BW086 plants had nearly 4 fewer kernels than those of Bowman. The kernels of BW086 were slightly shorter (8.6 vs. 9.6 mm), thinner (3.4 vs. 3.8 mm), and about 30% lighter. The grain yields of the BW086 averaged about 2/3 of that recorded for Bowman (2, 3).

Origin of mutant:

An N-methyl-N-nitrosourea induced mutant in Julia (PI 339811) (6, 7).

Mutational events:

brh15.u (409 JK, DWS1156, GSHO 1685) in Julia (PI 339811) (5, 7).

Mutant used for description and seed stocks:

brh15.u (GSHO 1685) in 409 JK/Bowman; brh15.u in Bowman (PI 483237)*5 (GSHO 2176, BW086, NGB 20493).


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