International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

BGS 127, Pubescent leaf blade 1, Pub1

BGN  44:84
Stock number: BGS 127
Locus name: Pubescent leaf blade 1
Locus symbol: Pub1

Previous nomenclature and gene symbolization:



Monofactorial dominant (4).
Located in chromosome 3HL (3); Pub1.a is associated with SNP markers 2_0023 to 1_1328 (positions 169.9 to 207.5 cM) in 3H bins 10 to 14 of Bowman backcross-derived line BW650 (1);.


Both the upper and lower surface of the leaf blade have widely scattered, short (1 to 2 mm) hairs. The hairs tend to be aligned along the smaller leaf veins. The hairs are more difficult to observe on older leaves or plants grown in the field. Some accessions of Hordeum vulgare subsp spontaneum have numerous short hairs on both surfaces of the leaf (2). Kernels of the Bowman backcross-derived line for Pub1.a (BW650) were up to 10% heavier than those of Bowman. Grain yields and test weights of BW650 were equal to or slightly greater than those of Bowman (2).

Origin of mutant:

Natural occurrence in Steptoe (CIho 15229) (3), and in many accessions of Hordeum vulgare subsp. spontaneum (2).

Mutational events:

Pub1.a in R.I. Wolfe's Multiple Dominant Marker Stock (GSHO 1580) (4); Pub1.a in Steptoe (3).

Mutant used for description and seed stocks:

Pub1.a (GSHO 1576) in Steptoe; Pub1.a from R.I. Wolfe's Multiple Dominant Marker Stock in Bowman (PI 483237)*6 (GSHO 1976); Pub1.a from R.I. Wolfe's Multiple Dominant Marker Stock in Bowman*7 (BW 650, NGB 22215).


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