International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

BGS 338, High lysine 1, lys1

BGN  26:286
Stock number: BGS 338
Locus name: High lysine 1
Locus symbol: lys1

Previous nomenclature and gene symbolization:

High lysine = lys (9).


Monofactorial recessive (9).
Located in chromosome 5HL (5, 6); lys1.j is about 10.8 cM distal from the srh1 (short rachilla hair 1) locus (2, 5, 6).


After the hard dough stage, kernels develop a depression in the center of the lemma which becomes progressively more distinct with maturity. The mature endosperm of the mutant appears to be harder than normal. The mutant expresses xenia permitting classification of kernels from heterozygous plants as normal or shrunken with an expected 3:1 ratio (9). Mutant plants have a higher lysine content in the endosperm than normal sibs (3, 7, 9). Field establishment and growth of mutant plants is normal, but grain yield is low (1, 10). Grain size and hordein protein content are reduced by the lys1.j gene (1, 3).
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Origin of mutant:

Natural occurrence in Hiproly (CIho 3947) (7, 8).

Mutational events:

lys1.j in Hiproly (CIho 3947, GSHO 1784) (4, 5, 7).

Mutant used for description and seed stocks:

lys1.j in Hiproly (GSHO 1784); lys1.j in Bowman (PI 483237)*2 (GSHO 2115); lys1.j in Bowman*4 (BW495, NGB 20723).


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